About the Office of Data Management & Analytics Services

Who We Are

Reporting to the vice chancellor for finance and administration and the provost, the Office of Data Management & Analytics Services (ODMAS) serves a critical enterprise data role at UW–Madison, leading both the institutional analytics and data governance programs. In facilitating the work of the Data Governance Council and developing institutional data policy, procedures, and standards, the department maintains the campus data dictionary, tracks and manages major institutional data issues, and designs the use of common data definitions in system-to-system integrations. In addition to providing optimized, secure, and sanctioned back-end data architecture and Tableau visualizations, the institutional analytics program supports business intelligence (BI) developers across campus in delivering data insights through Tableau, Toad Data Point, as well as any number of other query and data science tools. 


With our campus partners, we realize the full potential of our institutional data for analysis and decision-making.


Enable trusted, timely, and secure data for our stakeholders.


Innovation. Service excellence. Continuous learning and agility.

What We Do

Institutional Data Governance

Policies, procedures, and standards
Enterprise data architecture, data literacy, and quality
Data governance program management

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Institutional Data Warehouse

Data acquisition and modeling
Data warehouse development

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Business Intelligence

Business analysis
Analytics and visualization developers

Community Engagement and Support

Communities of practice
User support and enablement

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Why Our Work Matters

UW–Madison has a crucial need to improve its ability to collect, report and analyze institutional data of critical importance to decision-making. The quantity of institutional data generated at UW–Madison is growing exponentially, but the value of that data for decision-making is limited without data governance and analytics programs that support common, transparent data definitions, integrated data architecture, and nimble data analysis and visualization tools.

UW–Madison data are enterprise assets: Institution-wide properties with real or potential value. Robust data governance and analytics programs provide UW–Madison with a competitive advantage and further the university’s academic, research, and outreach missions.

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