University of Wisconsin–Madison


Data Governance Initiatives

Since its conception, the Data Governance Program has completed the following:

Established new risk-based Data Classifications

  • Formally recognized 4 data domain responsible committees / teams and delegated authority to those teams.
  • Established 15 role-based groups to which proper access rights can be assigned in order to distribute institutional analytical content.
  • Through the PCI-CT team trained over 4000 operators on compliance pci-charter-v5
  • Established new policy for what data will be included in the Student Directory and how requests for that directory will be handled.
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  • Through the efforts of the HIPAA Compliance Program, have trained over 12,000 faculty and staff on HIPAA requirements.

Initiatives currently being worked on:

  • Policy:
    • Drafting and approving a Restricted Administrative Data Authorization policy
    • Drafting and approving policy governing the identity attributes that will be released to authorized applications
    • Drafting policy governing the use of Gender Identity
  • Data definitions:
    • Implementing an online data dictionary for UW-Madison