University of Wisconsin–Madison

Accountability Matrix

The Data Governance Program has defined the following Roles and Responsibilities:

R=Responsible.  Those doing the work
A=Accountable.  Those approving the work
C =Consulted.  Those who may contribute to the work being done
I=Informed.  Those kept up to date on the progress of the work/task.

 Steering TeamStewardship CouncilData CustodiansData StewardsTechnical Resources
Establish Program CharterR,ACIII
Define roles & responsibilitiesARCCI
Prioritize ProjectsARICI
Authorize BudgetsR,ACIII
Establish PoliciesAR,AC,IRC,I
Establish Procedures & StandardsIACRC,I
Establish Data Quality Review ProcessIACRC,I
Plan Data Quality InitiativesIACRC,I
Create Business Data DictionaryIACRC
Establish standards for data accessIACRC
Enforce standards for data accessIARCR
Determine acquisition of DataI,CACCR