August 2022 Release Notes

BI Releases

Title Description/Details
12 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing
Tableau Server update Updated to 2022.1.4

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
DARS – JOBQ Standardization and Additions A number of changes were made in Badger Data:
1. Tables are now copied from DARSP source to BARP.DARS Target
2. Tables/views are now following revised standards (renamed to no longer included _T0 and end users now only have access to views).
3. New fields were added as requested to JOBQ_COURSE (4), JOBQ_REQ (8), JOBQ_RUN (2), and JOBQ_SUBREQ (5)
LUMEN Workflow – Fix to update Role Members correctly Fixed problem in Badger Data: When all members of a role were removed the data was not updating correctly.
ACAD_COURSE_LAST_USED – New view created New view in Badger Data to capture information about when a course was last used (either taught or used for transfer purposes). This view will be used with course catalog and outcome data and is necessary at least until course schedule data is redeveloped.
LUMEN_CRSE_TSO_STATUS_DIM – Correct Proposal_Type Fixed problem in Badger Data: Cases where course proposals were being flagged as ‘New’ proposals when they were not.
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