University of Wisconsin–Madison

Data Governance Framework

A Data Governance Framework has been established to represent the scope of the Program at UW-Madison:


The overall mission of the Data Governance Program is to enable Data-Driven decision making campus-wide.  In order for users from all departments on campus of data to be able to make informed decisions,a culture of Information Literacy should be established on campus.

The four pillars of Data Governance at UW-Madison include:

Policies & Standards

The program will determine who has the authority to make decisions regarding access, priorities, data usage-standards and under what conditions those decisions can be made.

Information Quality

Formal and professional data stewardship is an essential part of any data governance program.   Those responsible for data stewardship are accountable for the integrity and quality of UW-Madison’s data.

Privacy, Compliance & Security

How UW-Madison institutionally deals with the inherent risk that comes along with curating data is an essential part of the data governance program.  Developing the risk management strategies and making those operational are under the purview of the program.  Additionally, compliance with Record retention policies for differing record types.  The Data Governance Program should align with and coordinate with records management to ensure compliance with those regulates occurs.

Architecture & Integration

Ensuring that there are common data definitions and that those definitions are made available across multiple platforms is essential to enabling informed decision making.  Decisions on what those definitions are and how the requirements of those definitions are technically supported is a part of the program.

It should be noted that the Data Governance Program that is created and implemented at UW-Madison should align with the Data Governance Program that is being created at the UW System level.  One of the tenets of the UW-System Data Governance Program is common and consistent data definitions and certainly what is implemented at UW-Madison should align with those at the UW-System level.