Financial Aid Data Mart

The Financial Aid Data Mart project, sponsored by the Office of Student Financial Aid, will provide data for reporting, analytics and research. The data warehouse project will consist of the development of the following data structures: Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR), awarding, and budget. The data loaded into these structures will be available for use by authorized data analysts, as determined by the appropriate institutional data stewards. Aggregated financial aid reports can be made available for other campus users. The data mart will enable opportunities to leverage data to inform business and policy decisions that ultimately improve access, affordability, and student success.

The financial aid data currently available in InfoAccess will be included in the new financial aid data mart. In addition, this project will work with Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR) to identify additional opportunities for using financial aid data to support the “Data Digest” and meeting other institutional reporting needs. The data mart will be designed and architected to support the needs of both this project and a future cloud-based data warehouse.

Specific benefits of this project include:

  • Creating a reliable institutional resource for analytics and reporting on student financial aid data
  • Leveraging data to make data-informed business decisions
  • Improving the ability to integrate financial aid with other data domains in the data warehouse
  • Modernizing data architecture in preparation for cloud migration project

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Read the full Financial Aid Data Mart charter here.

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