June 2022 Release Notes

BI Releases

Title Description/Details
17 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing
25 new institutional data definitions Review and processing, approved by Data Definitions Approvals Group, led by ODMAS

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
 Academic Chairs List  View UW.ACAD_CHAIRS_LIST has now been created in Snowflake so it can be used in conjunction with Academic Structure and Lumen
DARS: Fixed audits missing from JOB_QUEUE_RUN Modified selection criteria in the source query to replace AND SUBSTR ( JOB_QUEUE_RUN.JOBID, 13, 1 ) = ‘b’ with AND JOB_QUEUE_RUN.HOST_NAME = ‘uachieve-server-batch’
LUMEN: Renamed fields:
Tuition_Type to Tuition_Structure
Tution_Increment to SBP_Tier_Rate
Changes were made to DM.LUMEN_PROG_RSRC_BDGT_FIN_DIM and DM.LUMEN_PROGRAM_PROPOSALS in order to be consistent with a new view created for Tuition Schedule
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