May 2021 Release Notes

BI Updates

Title Description/Details
Server updated Tableau server updated to 2021.1.1
16 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
Housing Data View Eleven Housing data views were enhanced to deliver the new data from the source system. Changes included: adding 18 new fields, renaming 12 fields for clarity, recreating one view from a new source.
ACAD_DEPARTMENT_DIM Added the follow fields to the department dimension view: DEPARTMENT_DISCIPLINARY_DIV – e.g., BIO = Biological Sciences DEPARTMENT_NSF_DISC_INDICATOR – indicates whether the department appears on the list of NSF STEM disciplines; sourced fields from a new SIS source (Division Owner, Recognition, and Tenure Indicator).
UW.ACADEMIC_DEPARTMENT New data view created
Enhancements: added new field to the view PLAN_NSF_INDICATOR — indicates whether the plan appears on the list of NSF STEM disciplines
UW.ACADEMIC_SUBJECT Enhancements: added the following division dimension fields to the Academic Subject view
1. SUBJECT_SCHOOLCOLLEGE — school/college associated with the subject
2. SUBJECT_SCHOOLCOLLEGE_DESCR – school/college description
3. SUBJECT_SCHLCOL_SHORT_DESCR – school/college short description.
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