October 2022 Release Notes

BI Releases

Title Description/Details
17 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
DARS: New Degree Audit Updater (DAU) views in Snowflake Five new views have been developed to coincide with the RO processing for Degree Audit Updater which retains the most recent degree audit for auditable students. Batch audits are run on a two-week cycle to capture any changes to enrollment or academic objectives.
STDNT_DEGREE_PLANNER_COURSE view created in InfoAccess Degree Planner data has been in the InfoAccess data warehouse since 2020. Some cleanup and final testing was requested by the RO prior to release.
Lumen Shredded Course Proposal Fix Residual problems with identifying shredded proposals were fixed.
Retention_Semester_History – Fractional Transfer Credit Changes Field TERM_CREDITS_TOTAL Number(9) needed to be changed to Number (8,3) in anticipation of implementing a Registrar’s Office business process change of allowing decimal places for transfer credit.
Financial Aid: Missing Rows in ISIR Parent Dimension Mapping was fixed to accommodate missing marital status, and records now appear correctly.
Financial Aid: Fix to Budget Item table Changes were made to the Budget Item table in SIS. The mapping task needed to synchronize with the new metadata and the DBA had to grant access to the warehouse account.
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