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What is ORCiD?
ORCiD (pronounced “orkid”) stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. ORCiD is an open, non-profit, community-driven effort to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers. An ORCiD iD acts as a unique identifier for a person, much like each publication in PubMed has a PubMed ID.

ORCiD acts as a transparent “hub” between different sites and services in the researcher workflow – funders, publishers, repositories, research networks and more.

Why do I need an ORCiD identifier (ORCiD iD)?
While not mandatory, publishers and funding agencies are increasingly adopting ORCiD as a tool to manage submissions and applications. At some point in the future having an ORCiD iD and using ORCiD as a tool may be required. For new researchers, an ORCiD iD offers a way to have an accurate record of your scholarly output from the very beginning. You can use it on your CV, departmental webpage, email signature, in professional directories and more.

Who can use ORCiD?
The ORCiD Registry is available free of charge to individuals, who may obtain an ORCiD identifier, manage their record of activities, and search for others in the Registry. Ebling Library is a licensed member of ORCiD, which allows the Library to link biographical and bibliographic information to ORCiD identifiers, update ORCiD records, to receive updates from ORCiD, and to register employees and students for ORCiD identifiers.

How can I get an ORCiD iD?
You can set up your own ORCiD iD using the Register for an ORCiD iD form.

You can learn more about ORCiD and ORCiD iDs at ORCiD