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Tableau is a business intelligence data visualization tool that allows users to interact with data through dynamic and interactive dashboards, maps, and other presentation formats.  Academic Planning & Institutional Research sponsors UW-Madison’s implementation of Tableau and has published many visualizations that are publically available.

UW-Madison has also implemented an environment to share Tableau visualizations within our own campus community.  Publishing workbooks to the UW-Madison Enterprise Tableau Server is currently limited to administrative units and offices that have an institution-wide service role to deliver data to campus audiences. To-date, 16 Tableau workbooks have been put into production. Currently, the core team will be reaching out to different administrative departments to engage their staffs in creating and publishing more visualizations to the Enterprise Tableau Server.

Interested in learning more? Check out our FAQ! If that’s not enough, check out Badger TUG, our campus-wide tableau user group.

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Badger TUG

Badger TUG, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Tableau User Group, fosters community among users of the data visualization software, Tableau.

The user group is open to Tableau users of all experience levels and invite participation from campus staff, faculty, and students as well as colleagues from other UW institutions. Our goals are to share knowledge, enhance skills, and promote best practices. We offer opportunities to see demonstrations, swap tips, ask for feedback, network with colleagues, and much more. Whether you are just starting out with Tableau, have become a Tableau Jedi, or fall anywhere in between, this is the group for you.


  • What information will I have access to if I log in to the Tableau Server?

    It depends.  Everyone can see some visualizations that have been intentionally designed for public use.  Access to other visualizations are limited to individuals who have a need to know associated with their employment at UW-Madison because visualizations include some restricted or sensitive information.

  • Who can log in to the Tableau Server?

    Anyone with a UW-Madison NetID and password can log in.

  • How do I get a desktop license for Tableau Software?

    You can buy a Tableau software desktop license from the DoIT Tech Store.  Currently (July 2017) the price is $1,927.13.  Yes, this is expensive software.  It’s intended for data professionals.  The purchase price includes three years of maintenance.  UW-Madison has negotiated a competitive price so buy your license from DoIT.

  • I want to publish to the Tableau server – how does that work?

    Currently publishing activity is limited to units that have an institution-wide service role.  Contact Jocelyn Milner or Jason Fishbain to discuss participation.  Units will need to identify one or a few staff members who will be trained in the policies and processes that govern Tableau Server use. Ideally, one of those staff members will participate in the Tableau Server Developer community.  
    Units that currently have publishing rights are: Academic Planning and Institutional Research, Office of the Registrar, Madison Budget Office, Graduate School, FPM, Human Resources, Research and Sponsored Programs, University Libraries and Purchasing Services.

  • Why can’t everyone publish to the Tableau server?

    Currently funding is limited so we are taking a “grow slow” approach.  Eventually the project will have capacity for schools/colleges, departments and other groups to publish to the server.

  • I’m a developer, where can I find documents related to workbook publishing?

    Box for Tableau_Workbook_Publishing – Access limited to those with Tableau server publishing rights.