University of Wisconsin–Madison


What is UWRAP?

The UW-Madison Reporting & Analytics Project (UWRAP) was created to ensure that faculty and staff have access to the institutional data and information we need to do our work as we transition from the current Interactive Reporting (IR) tools to an array of solutions to meet our needs provided via the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) platform, Tableau, and a new PeopleSoft resource called the “Data Center.”

Individual UW institutions are responsible for providing access to institutional data and information.  UW-Madison has started to migrate reports out of the query library into the new environment in the student and curricular data domains.  UW-Madison is also committed to ensuring that information currently coming from HR and SFS through Interactive Reporting continues to be provided after the transition.  While UW-System Administration is developing System-wide solutions, we are analyzing what information our campus needs from these domains and how best to serve those needs.



At the end of April 2018, the Interactive Reporting tools and service that serve the entire UW-System, including UW-Madison’s Query Library, will no longer be supported by Oracle. Because of this, last year UW-System initiated a Request for Proposals (RFP) process to identify a new platform to not only replace the existing Query Library and IR tools, but also to provide System campuses with access to the new, modern capabilities provided by robust, enterprise business intelligence platforms. Oracle’s OBIEE was selected and purchased by UW-System Administration for this purpose.

At UW-Madison OBIEE will be one of a suite of tools that will be used to meet our campus’ institutional data and information needs (along with Tableau and the new “Data Center” in PeopleSoft and other tools that may come into use over time). Each of these tools offer different strengths with regard to providing us with access the operational and/or analytical data and information we need carry out our work. Together, this suite will provide our campus with a strong array of solutions for when the Interactive Reporting tools and service is retired next summer, as well as for the future.


UWRAP was started in October of 2015 to begin planning for and initiate the work needed to ensure UW-Madison faculty and staff experience no interruption in their ability to access the institutional data and information they need to do their work. Beginning in the fall of 2016 and into the spring of 2018, UW-Madison Query Library users will be directed to new data tools and resources to get the answers they need to do their jobs.


UW-Madison faculty and staff who have institutional data and information needs for their operational, analytical, assessment, and reporting work will be able to access those data and information via the new array of solutions. UWRAP will begin providing campus users with access to these new solutions as they are developed, tested, and validated. This will ensure a transition period during which the current tools are available alongside the new solutions that are being developed to replace them.


Many opportunities for training will be available for users who will need these new solutions for their work. UWRAP will also offer training and professional development opportunities to improve campus data literacy overall.

How to learn more and stay informed

Keep an eye out for regular updates from the UWRAP team on the progress of the project as we offer opportunities for you to become involved and help inform our work! Updates, resources, and more information will also be posted here on the project’s website at