About Us

DAPIR manages the structures needed to ensure the availability of accessible, usable, high-quality data. This allows us to provide meaningful information and analysis. Along with our campus partners, we promote an institution-wide data strategy and the use of data to inform strategic initiatives and planning.  Our duties, areas of expertise, and support include:

  • Applying our knowledge of the institution and the broader higher education landscape to analyze information about our students, faculty, staff, and administrative operations to support strategic efforts at UW-Madison.
  • Leading an enterprise data environment by developing, expanding, and optimizing UW–Madison’s institutional data.
  • Informing strategic, academic, and budgetary planning decisions by conducting data, policy, and peer comparison analyses, providing context in a relevant and timely fashion.
  • Leveraging technology to make data more available and accessible.
  • Ensuring the institution maintains high-quality academic programming and operations through appropriate governance, including program review and academic policy development. This includes compliance with institution, UW System, state, federal, and accreditation requirements and reporting to the government, accreditation entities, and the public.
  • Building robust stewardship of data and information, including facilitation of the Data Governance Council, to support effective management of institutional data, such as developing policy and implementing appropriate procedures and standards.

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