Students Overview

Interactive Data Visualizations

DAPIR has developed Tableau data visualizations that allow users to explore trends in student data. Users can filter and disaggregate the information to topics of interest to the user. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a Tableau visualization, basic instructions are available here.

Trends in Student Enrollments

A visualization of trends in student enrollments, including headcounts of degree-seeking students by major and headcounts of students enrolled in certificate programs is available here.

screenshot of the Trends in Student Enrollment visualization

Trends in Degrees and Related Data

A visualization of trends in degrees, degree recipient demographics, majors, named options, certificates, doctoral minors, and honors is available here.

screenshot of the Trends in Degrees visualization

Trends in Undergraduate Time-to-Degree

A visualization of trends in undergraduate time-to-degree, including peer comparisons with other UW-Madison programs and similar programs at other major research universities is available here.

screenshot of the Time-to-Degree visualization

Courses Completed by Bachelor’s Recipients

A visualization of UW-Madison courses completed by bachelor’s degree recipients, which can be filtered on major, student attributes, and course attributes, can be found here.

screenshot of the Courses Completed by Bachelor's Recipients visualization