Instruction Overview

DAPIR provides numerous resources relating to instruction at UW-Madison.

Course Analysis

  • Lists of the 100 courses with the largest enrollments, by year
  • Tableau visualization showing the percentage of bachelor’s degree recipients who completed each course in the last five years
  • Faculty educational workload analysis and data on credit hours and undergraduate course section size
  • Course demographics profile showing common demographic variables of interest to instructors

School/College and Departmental Credit Analysis

  • Methods of attributing credits: credits follow the department vs. credits follow the instructor
  • Trends in fall and spring credits by school/college and department based on student level, course level, and type of instructor

Grades and Grading Patterns

  • Tableau visualization showing D/F/Drop rates over time, by several demographic characteristics, and compared to other departments

General Education Analyses

  • Analyses of patterns and trends in how students progress through general education requirements