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Our data is an enterprise asset

The Office of Data Management & Analytics Services (ODMAS) houses a number of functions that bridge analytics, data management and IT functions at UW–Madison. Led by Chief Data Officer Cathy Lloyd, it centralizes an approach to data management that delivers necessary reports and analytics to all units in a method that validates, is consistent with institutional definitions, and is straightforward to access. It also leads and operationalizes the Data Governance Program at UW–Madison.

UW–Madison data are enterprise assets — institution-wide properties with real or potential value. While many functional offices across campus are responsible for collecting, processing, storing, retrieving, and reporting data, our data should not be held in silos but should be shared across departments for its value to be fully realized.

ODMAS Areas of Focus


Policies and Procedures

Deciding who is accountable for the data and data policies and crafting a data stewardship policy.


Architecture and Integration

Having consistent data definitions and data dictionaries.


Information Quality

Controlling workflows to ensure data quality and process quality.


Privacy, Compliance, and Security

Making decisions about what restricted and classified mean; how to comply with privacy and security laws (like FERPA) within data management plan.

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