Badger Data Network (formerly the Badger Analytics User Group)

In alignment with the priorities established for our institution, the mission of the Badger Data Network is to discuss, review, and solicit campus feedback for Badger Analytics projects, notify analysts of new developments with Badger Analytics, and discuss new and innovative ways to work with Badger Analytics and university data.

The group promotes using analytics within the institution to achieve business objectives. It is a central hub for promoting collaboration, for developing analytical best practices and for evolving the analytical infrastructure.

The community plays a key role in the education of our institutional data and in the use of the tools to access that data. It will assist with the training of users on our data tools. The community assists with developing analytical talent amongst itself as well as others across the institution.

If you’re interested in joining the community, please send an email to

Logo featuring a badger inside a cloud with connection points depicting a network
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