Faculty Scholarly Activity

UW-Madison partners with Academic Analytics to gather information on faculty scholarly activity. Academic Analytics assembles publicly available information on journal publications, citations, books, federal grants, professional honorific awards, patents, and clinical trials. Additional information on Academic Analytics is available at, www.academicanalytics.com.

Research at UW-Madison website

This website showcases the extraordinary achievements of UW-Madison faculty and scholars. The website addresses requests made by a range of stakeholders, including legislators who seek to better understand the range of research and scholarly activity of UW-Madison faculty, internal and external stakeholders to identify experts by research topics, and students to find faculty members with interests similar to their own. More coverage of the Research at UW-Madison website and the Academic Analytics partnership is available in this press release.

Scholar Profiles

Information collected by Academic Analytics that is publicly available is used to create scholar profiles. Research Insight is an internal tool available to the UW-Madison community to identify potential partners for collaboration, explore additional funding opportunities and find experts at UW-Madison. Scholars with a profile are able to edit their profile or opt-out of appearing through Research Insight.

Scholars profiles are available for current tenured and tenure-track professors, recent Emeriti faculty, clinical health science faculty, permanent PIs, and other scholars that currently have profiles in the WARF Discovery Portal. WARF will soon be transitioning its portal to the Research at UW-Madison website.

Publicly available data is automatically populated in the scholar profile, including available information in CrossRef on journal articles, citations, conference proceedings, books and book chapters. Information on federal grant awards, honorific awards, patents, and clinical trials are also available. Data from UW-Madison on non-federal grants, courses recently taught, and technologies available for licensing through WARF are also included.

Default coverage:
Articles, Conference Proceedings: 2004 – present
Books, Book Chapters:                     2003 – present
Grants:                                                 2006 – present
Honorific Awards:                             varies by award
Clinical Trials:                                    1995 – present
Patents:                                                1976 – present

UW-Madison and how it works with Academic Analytics

UW-Madison submits to Academic Analytics lists of its faculty. Department relationships are provided from HRS. Information on PhD program relationships is below. Academic Analytics matches these lists to their data sources on journal publications, citations, books, awards, grants, conference proceedings, patents and clinical trials. Scholars have the ability to add information on center and institute affiliation to their profile.

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Department/PhD Program Relationships

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty are often authorized to chair doctoral committees in programs located outside of their tenure department. Annually PhD program coordinators are asked to submit a list of faculty approved to be major professors in each PhD program.

Department Information

Distinct from the tools above (Scholar Profiles and Research at UW-Madison), authorized Academic Analytics users may view information on tenured/tenure-track faculty scholarly productivity for UW-Madison departments by logging in through to the Academic Analytics portal. This tool provides information on some of the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty and how our departments compare nationally. Additional resources not available in the portal are available here for authorized users. 

Academic Analytics portal may be accessed only by individuals approved by deans or their designee. To obtain access to Academic Analytics, please have the dean or their designee contact  Scott Wildman (scott.wildman@wisc.edu).