Change your InfoAccess Password

If you know your current InfoAccess Oracle account password, please use one of these methods to change it:

  • Connect to the following URL from an Internet Explorer (IE) Browser to change it to something of your choosing. (IE is required to use this tool), or
  • Using SQL*Plus (command line tool)
    1. Launch SQL*Plus. Note: be sure you’re not actively connected to the database for which you’re attempting to change credentials.
    2. In the command line, enter sqlplus user@database, where user is your user ID, and database is the specific database you are connecting to (DWHP)
    3. Enter your current password
    4. Once you have connected to the database, type in your new password and re-enter once more to complete the update

Your new password must be at least 12 characters long, start with a letter, and contain at least one of each:

    1. Lowercase letter
    2. Uppercase letter
    3. Number
    4. Special characters except ‘@’

If you do not know your existing password, please email and ask for it to be reset. Please include your InfoAccess Username in your email.

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