Institutional Space Analytics

This project moves INSITE space data into Badger Analytics so it may be accessed like other centrally warehoused institutional data. Since space information, current and historical, is not located in one location with tools for evaluating the data, campus leaders are unable to easily identify and quantify space utilization. Space metrics in Badger Analytics will allow for decision-making through consistent, data-driven analysis that can be applied equitably across UW-Madison. A primary objective of the project is establishing space data in Badger Analytics as a foundation for space reporting and analytics as well as integration of space data with other areas (such as HR, Finance, and instructional) data sources for analysis. 

The project addresses the following: 

  • Information will be reported next to other institutional data sets to establish targets that can be used to guide decision-making. Currently, no consistent tools exist to evaluate space efficiency or quantify “good” utilization. 
  • Access to historical data in Badger Analytics will eliminate the need to manually perform trend analysis. 
  • Capturing the current state of space information requires departments to provide space updates manually and the updates alone are not enough to drive decision-making. Integrating space data together with institutional data and setting productivity targets will drive motivation to keep space data both current and accurate. 
  • Tracking space capacity will allow the university to establish healthy vacancy rates to identify or predict when and where spaces are under or over capacity. Information sharing, responsiveness to space needs, and understanding true versus cyclical vacancies ensures operational dollars are well spent.
  • Productivity metrics and trend analysis made possible by space data warehousing will improve capacity analysis and planning.
  • Centrally warehousing the data creates a single source of truth and leverages the data for maximum potential value university-wide, eliminating the need for ad hoc development of shadow space data sets, analysis tools and metrics.  

Read the full Institutional Space Analytics project charter.

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