Undergraduate Time to Degree

This data visualization shows trends in undergraduate time-to-degree, along with peer comparisons between UW-Madison degree majors and with similar majors at other major public research universities.

screenshot of the undergraduate time to degree visualization

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Analyses of Time-to-Degree Issues

  • Characteristics of Three-Year Graduates. This analysis shows the characteristics of the undergraduates who graduated within three calendar years compared to other graduates who took longer than three years to graduate. Characteristics of their degree-majors, demographic characteristics, admission characteristics, and enrollment behavior are explored.
  • Predictors of time-to-degree (November 2018). This analysis examines predictors of time-to-degree for bachelors degree recipients (2015-16 to 2017-18) and includes information by school/college. This analysis is part of a larger project coordinated by the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning around reducing time-to-degree and improving the four-year graduation rate. Previous iterations of this analysis are also available: 2014,  2006
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