Tableau is a business intelligence data visualization tool that allows users to interact with data through dynamic and interactive dashboards, maps, and other presentation formats. UW System has a server environment to facilitate the sharing and publication of Tableau visualizations. UW-Madison’s use of the Tableau Server is administered by DAPIR and publication to the server is currently limited to administrative units and offices that have an institution-wide service role to deliver data to campus audiences. More than 100 Tableau workbooks have been put into production.

NOTE: As of June 20, 2023, access to Tableau workbooks will require you to be on the UW-Madison network or VPN. You can install and configure WiscVPN on your own devices by following the instructions on this KB:

Current Tableau Version: 2023.1.4

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What information will I have access to if I log in to the Tableau Server?

It depends. Everyone can see some visualizations that have been intentionally designed for public use. Access to other visualizations are limited to individuals who have a need to know associated with their employment at UW–Madison because visualizations include some restricted or sensitive information.

Who can log in to the Tableau Server?

Any employee with a UW-Madison NetID and password can log in. You will need to be on the campus network or VPN to log in. Note that some workbooks require more specific permissions in order to access them. Please refer to the Repository of Administrative Dashboards and Reports (RADAR) for specific access restrictions.

How do I get a desktop license for Tableau Software?

You may purchase a Tableau software desktop license through AE Business Solutions. Visit the KB information page for Tableau purchasing and support to get started.

I want to publish to the Tableau server – how does that work?

Currently publishing activity is limited to units that have an institution-wide service role. Contact Steven Tan to discuss participation. Units will need to identify staff members who will be trained in the policies and processes that govern Tableau Server use. A requirement of publishing on the server is participation in the Tableau Developer Community.

Why can’t everyone publish to the Tableau server?

Currently funding is limited so we are taking a “grow slow” approach.

I’m a developer, where can I find documents related to workbook publishing?

KB for Tableau Workbook Publishing access is limited to everyone with a NetID.

Where can I find more training resources for Tableau?

Check out the following:


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