Academic Planning Data Domain

Data Domain Scope and Subdomains

The Academic Planning data domain encompasses planning and approval for new academic programs (degrees, majors and certificates), substantial changes to those programs (renaming, mergers, suspending admissions, discontinuations), planning and approval for academic departments and centers/institutes, changes associated with subject listings and courses, assessment, and academic policy.

Data Trustee

Data Trustees are university officials with authority over institutional data, as designated by Data Governance Council. Data trustees are accountable for managing, protecting, and ensuring the integrity and usefulness of institutional data and for upholding UW-Madison policies, UW System policies, state laws, and federal laws applicable to the institutional data.

Institutional Data Stewards

Institutional data stewards, who are assigned by and accountable to Data Trustees, help define, implement, and enforce data management policies and procedures within their specific data domain. Institutional data stewards have delegated responsibility for all aspects of how data is acquired, used, stored, and protected throughout its entire lifecycle from acquisition through disposition.

Major Data Systems

UW System Administrative Procedure 1031.A requires Institutional Data Stewards to identify and classify the major systems where data from their data domain resides. The name and classification of the major systems where Academic Planning data resides are:

Major System Classification
Lumen Proposal System (via MyUW) Public
SIS (Academic Structure) Public

Data Classification Rationale

UW System Administrative Policy 1031 and UW-Madison policy UW-504 require that data be classified according to its risk. Within the Academic Planning data domain, the classification rationale is:

Classification Classification Rationale Example(s)
Restricted Not applicable None
Sensitive Not applicable None
Internal Not applicable None
Public All Academic Planning data are classified as Public. Course catalog and program requirement data
Academic Structure

Additional Information

The academic planning process follows a routing and approval process that is informed by campus, UW System, and sometimes external agency requirements.  Detailed information can be found on the Academic Planning web page and the Academic Planning KB.

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