Data Stewards

Data Stewards are assigned by, and are accountable to, Data Trustees. Data Stewards help define, implement, and enforce data management policies and procedures within their specific Data Domain. A Data Trustee may delegate to the Data Steward the authority to represent the Data Trustee in data-related policy discussions.

Data Steward responsibilities include:

  • Identifying major data systems where data under the Data Steward’s responsibility resides
  • Classifying data systems according to Data Classification policy, working with security, privacy, and data officers, and review classifications at least annually
  • Classifying institutional reports and dashboards that deliver or expose institutional data for which the Data Steward is responsible
  • Reviewing and approving requests for access to Institutional Data
  • Completing Data Classification and stewardship training and participating in ongoing data stewardship policy discussions

Current Data Steward assignments are in the table below:

*Please note: Data domains are being evaluated in preparation for implementation of the new Institutional Data Policy and are subject to change.

Data DomainData TrusteeData StewardSteward AreaClassification RationaleMajor Data Systems
Academic PlanningVice Provost for Academic AffairsMichelle YoungAcademic PlanningAcademic Planning Data Classification RationaleLumen
Enrollment ManagementVice Provost for Enrollment ManagementDavid LeszczynskiAdmissionsSIS - Admissions
John DregerFinancial AidStudent Financial Aid Data Classification RationaleSIS – Financial Aid
Phil HullStudent RecordStudent Record Data Classification RationaleSIS
FinanceAssc Vice Chancellor for FinanceSusie MaloneyFinanceFinance Data Classification RationaleSFS
Andy TaylorBudgetBudget Data Classification RationalePBCS
Human ResourcesAssc Vice Chancellor for Human ResourcesCatharine DeRubeisEmployee RecordEmployee Record Data Classification RationaleHRS/EPM
Information TechnologyInterim Chief Information Security OfficerJeff SavoyCybersecurityCybersecurity Data Classification RationaleCybersecurity Tools
Research AdministrationAssc Vice Chancellor for Research AdministrationMark SweetResearch AdministrationResearch Administration Data Classification RationaleWISPER/SFS – Research
Research ComplianceAssc Vice Chancellor for Research Policy and IntegrityLynn HaynesResearch ComplianceResearch Compliance Data Classification RationaleArrow
Teaching & LearningVice Provost for Teaching & LearningJeff ShoklerAdvisingAdvising Data Classification RationaleAdvising Gateway
Advisor Notes System (ANS)
Mo BischofAssessmentAssessment Data Classification RationaleAEFIS
Jeff ShoklerCareer ServicesCareer Services Data Classification RationaleHandshake
Dan VoeksTeaching & LearningTeaching & Learning Data Classification RationaleCanvas
Unizin Data Platform
Blackboard Collaborate
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