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Access to administrative dashboards and reports is governed by the Administrative Data Access Provisioning Policy and the Administrative Data Access Provisioning Procedure. The policy creates Access Groups for each applicable Data Risk Classification in each Data Domain. Each Data Domain has a Data Steward who is responsible for granting and denying membership in that Data Domain’s Access Groups. Those Data Stewards determine which Access Groups may access administrative dashboards and reports.

To access an administrative dashboard or report, you must be a member of the Access Group assigned to that dashboard or report. If you are in an Access Group, you may access all administrative dashboards with that Access Group assignment, unless the dashboard or report requires membership in additional Access Groups in which you are not a member.

UW–Madison employees may request to be added to an Access Group. You will be asked to provide information on a form, which will be routed to the appropriate Data Steward. The Data Steward will consider your request based on your job duties/role and your intended use of the data assigned to the Access Group, and the request will be subject to supervisor approval. Some Access Groups have additional requirements, such as completion of training, which will be noted in the request form.

To request to be added to a particular data Access Group, please fill out the form below.

See a gray box/page will not display icon below instead of the form?
This means you have not yet used your NetID to authenticate during this browsing session. Access the form through this link, which will open a new window where you can authenticate and fill out the form.

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