November 2021 Release Notes

BI Releases

Title Description/Details
13 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
LUMEN fixes and enhancements Multiple additions and corrections were made to Lumen views:
1.   New fields were added, clean-up performed, and unused fields removed from six existing related views:
2.   New program-related dimension was created to house a new section of the Lumen Program form.
3.   Issue with five extra rows showing in production Badger Analytics (BAGP) was fixed for Lumen_Program_Proposals
4.   Clean-up performed to revisit authorization (i.e., who can see what data in what environment)
Financial data deprecated from InfoAccess Oracle DW Tables/views/ETL as well as BI version using them for:
1.    Profit and Loss (P&L)
2.   People and Stuff
The backend data for P&L and People and Stuff have been transitioned to Snowflake. All the data now exists in BAGP, and all visualizations are using it.  Oracle has been deprecated.
Note: People and Stuff has been taken down, but Badger Analytics processes and structures remain in Snowflake in case the report is resurrected.
Department Planning Profiles:
Fixed issues with ACADEMIC_IND on DPP_SUMMARY
Some rework was done to make sure that UDDS codes are flagged correctly and consistently as academic or not in all categories on the UW.DPP_SUMMARY view.
Department Planning Profiles:
Problems with DPP_PAYROLL_FACT and Dimensions as well as DPP_Summary due to source data fix
The UW.Monthly_Payroll data had all months of 2020 data reloaded due to a bad HRS feeds to the position reporting system because of the FLSA changes that happened in Jan 2020. Once the system we use as source was reloaded, we were able to reload the monthly snapshots to include October and March 2020. DPP payroll data has also been reloaded.
The following need to be corrected for both March and October 2020 (except where noted otherwise):
1.    DPP_PAYROLL_FACT and associated dimensions
2.    DPP_SUMMARY run only for Oct 2020 payroll (March is not used in the summary)