ODMAS helps navigate challenges of grade advising during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presented UWMadison with unprecedented challenges in the delivery of courses and its other essential services supporting faculty, staff and students. 

The Office of Data Management and Analytics Services (ODMAS) supported the Office of the Registrar in helping students and staff navigate the spring 2020 semester. The opportunity to elect SD/UD rather than letter grades left many students questioning how to select the right option for their situation and advisors needing a tool for querying and reaching certain groups of students. 

With virtual delivery being the only available medium, ODMAS assisted the Office of the Registrar in launching a Tableau data visualization, Advisor Student Grades IDE. The tool is accessible to anyone who has assigned advisees or the ACAD_DEAN role in SIS and can be made available to others who need it. 

This data visualization allows users to search for students within a school or college, students who have earned a particular grade or group of grades, students by assigned advisor, or by program, plan or plan type. 

The tool eliminates the need for users to make a request for a list to be run and wait for it to be provided to them.  

Tableau visualizations represent just one of the ways ODMAS helps deliver data needed for informed decision-making directly to the campus users who need it. Contact the Office of Data Management and Analytics Services to investigate ways to meet your on-demand data delivery needs

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