April 2022 Release Notes

BI Releases

Title Description/Details
16 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
Informatica Power Center Shutdown Informatica PowerCenter shut down date was April 30, 2022. Remaining areas to transition from the on prem PowerCenter to IICS completed including Academic Structure, Compliance, Degree Planner and Lumen. Additionally, users of Lumen and DARS data were migrated to the Snowflake versions of that data.
ID_CROSSWLK__UWMSN — Fix NetID field The NETID field was showing UW Health ID for some SMPH employees. This was corrected to only show NetIDs.
LUMEN_COURSE_PROPOSALS — COURSE_ID not always populating for completed proposals This was not always populating for completed proposals when a course no longer appeared in the source for Lumen data (TCFDB). The logic was changed to keep the history even if the course no longer was available in the source.


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