July 2021 Release Notes

BI Updates

Title Description/Details
6 institutional data products Publication and modification review and processing

Data Warehouse Updates

Title Description/Details
Academic Structure: Change in how CAF values are applied historically Testing the new SUBPLAN_NONADMIT_INDICATOR uncovered issues with how CAF values were being applied to historically. This was due to a decision made previously to apply current CAF values historically that now would have to be changed as it did not represent things accurately for new CAF values. The decision was made to update the effective dates in SIS to accurately reflect things. Once SIS was updated by the Registrar Office, code could be removed from the data warehouse to apply values historically. This was done for all CAF values showing in views related to plans, subplans, orgs, and groups. No changes were made to the dimension tables for this change.
Academic Structure: Change Department Division Owner source Made the source of the DEPARTMENT_DIVISION_OWNER on the view ACAD_DEPARTMENT_DIM the new school/college attribute field – not the value derived from the first letter of the acad_org code
Academic Structure: Other fixes Additional fixes necessary in Oracle (DWHP) Snowflake (BASP)
1. Changed the ‘ ‘ (space/blank) to nulls on data mart views.
2. Truncated PLAN_STATE to one character; changed the column length to two characters on ACAD_PLAN_D and mapping m_Acad_Plan_D (m_BAG_Acad_Plan_D).
3. Truncated SUBPLAN_STATE to one character, changed the column length to two characters on ACAD_SUBPLAN_D and mapping m_Acad_Subplan_D (m_BAG_Acad_Subplan_D).
4. Removed the duplicate column TRNSCR_DESCR on view ACAD_PLAN_DIM.
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